Features / Benefits

CPP Glass & Mirrors provides the following benefits – be it a high-rise building, housing complex or small office.

  • Reduce cooling costs – Reflective and tinted glass ensure that your HVAC (heating ventilation and Air-conditioning) costs are at there lowest.
  • Reduce construction cost – in terms of cost glass as a building material is much more economical than brick, cement or aluminium.
  • Improved and better lighting – bring down workspace lighting costs by utilizing natural lighting during the daylight hours by installing bigger windows and having glass frontage to your building.
  • Sound-proofing – glass has been successfully used as a very economical means of sound-proofing sound sensitive areas of in many workplaces and homes.
  • Aesthetic beauty – Beveled glass and mirrors – beveled glass and mirrors add brilliance to your home, office apartment or hotel. Bring elegance to your bathrooms, bedrooms, even doors and windows by ensuring that the glass and mirrors you use are exquisitely beveled.
  • Exquisitely elegant glass edging – For better looking table tops, shop shelves and window displays more glamorous. Glass edges are available in an array of shapes. bullet Designer finish – etching – a touch of luxury to any door. Enhance your office/shop entrance by etching the glass on your doors in attractive designs and patterns. Just right for office partitions.
  • Laminated glass or safety glass – Laminated safety glass does not shatter on impact therefore is your best choice for safety from falling glass. It will not cause cuts or lacerations. Burglars will have a difficult time since the glass has to be cut from both the inside and outside.
  • Strength – Tempered glass: tempered glass has five times the strength of annealed glass and is ideal for shop fronts, frameless doors, sloped glazing, curved architectural glass, balustrades, shower enclosures.