Guardian Glass

Guardian Glass: Indian Glass Supplier


Gujarat Guardian Limited is a joint venture company which has set up float glass plant in India in technical and financial collaboration with Guardian Industries Corp., USA – the world’s third largest glass manufacturing company having 22 Float Glass facilities located in North and South America, Western and Central Europe, Middle East, India and Far East. In addition to Float Glass, Guardian Industries Corp. also manufactures coated glass, mirrors, tempered glass, automotive glass, fiber glass and automotive plastics.

Gujarat Guardian Limited – a Rs. 450 Crore plant – went into commercial production in March 1993 and was the first Float Glass manufacturing company with the state-of-the-art technology to be set up in India at Village Kondh in Bharuch district of Gujarat. The company manufactures Float Glass, Silvered and Vacuum Coated Mirrors and Table Tops. The company’s Products are sold under the brand name “MODIGUARD” and enjoy a leadership position in the Indian Glass Market. The company exports its products to over 75 countries across the world and has won Export Awards three years in a row.

The company, in a very short span of its operations, has become one of the largest and the most respected company in the Indian Glass Market and has carved a niche for itself as a proactive and performance-driven organisation. The team working has brought many laurels to the company. The company – to begin with – obtained ISO 9002:1994 Certification in 1996, which was later upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 Certification in 2003.

Float Glass

MODIGUARD Float Glass is manufactured using the latest advances in glass-making technology. Float Glass derives its name from ‘Float’ process used to produce glass, whereby the molten glass flows on the molten tin.

Float glass is superior quality of flat glass having unique characteristics of excellent surface, uniform thickness, high optical clarity and bright appearance. It is widely used for window glazing, automobile windshields, furniture, doors, mirrors etc. The improvement brought about by the float process in the quality of flat glass is phenomenal. In almost all developed countries, float glass has almost fully replaced sheet glass. The recent experience has shown that in developing countries also float glass is fast replacing sheet glass apart from creating new demand for usage of glass.


  • High Light Transmission
  • High Transparency
  • Free from Optical Distortion and Waviness
  • Can be further fabricated into reflective, laminated, security, insulating, heat-treated and ceramic decorated glass.


  • Clear Glass : Ideal for high visibility and clarity, Windows, Doors, Mirrors, Display Cases, Shelves, Picture Frame, Glass Table Tops, Furniture Applications Appliances ,Safety Glazing, Skylights, Atriums & Handrails
  • Tinted Glass – Reduced Light Transmission, Reduced Solar Heat Gain, Enhanced Aesthetics, Increase Design Flexibility