High-Rise Buildings






Why not use more glass for the frontage of your high-rise building? Here are some of the advantages of using glass.

We can assist you by supplying quality glass to ensure a superior finish to your high-rise.

  • We have successfully carried out installations for many high-rise buildings.
  • We have worked with many BOI companies and know the procedure for duty free imports of glass.
  • Since high-rise buildings usually require bigger quantity and different types of glass our glass stocks are able to supply all your requirements.
  • Manpower to complete the glass installation on time.
  • We can work with your architect and interior designer to achieve the best finish for your building and interiors.
  • Don’t overpay – if you are importing your glass requirement directly – We have expertise to negotiate favourable terms for your company from leading glass suppliers from all over the World – benefit from our economies of scale and industry experience.
  • We are also able to submit warranty claims on your behalf in the unlikely event that the glass or mirrors prove to be defective.

Please contact us now for all your glass requirements for high-rise buildings.