Siam Pattern Glass

SPG : Thai Pattern Glass Supplier


We are the only one manufacturer in Thailand. We were established in 1985 which produces Clear-Tinted Sheet Glass and Figured Glass owned 100% by Thai shareholders. Our factories located in Bangpagong, Chachoengsao – a province just one hour away from Bangkok.

We have almost twenty years of experience in the sheet glass industry with proven high performance. In 1994, we established the first original figured glass line in Thailand, with full range of colours and options to suit every need.

Our effective system of Sheet Glass and Figured Glass processing is a result of concentrating on the improvement of glass quality, developing a variety of glass options, and providing impressive service. With this commitment to quality, we have been able to expand our overseas market to more than ninety countries worldwide.

Today the company has three furnaces, one for Sheet Glass and two for Figured Glass lines. We were the proud recipient of the “Thailand Brand 2001” award and the “Prime Minister’s Export Award 2001” from the Export Promotion Department and we are in the process of obtaining and ISO 9002 Standard Quality System Certification.

FIGURED/PATTERNED GLASS is a decorative, translucent Glass diffused light and obstructed visibility from the outside. In this way, light can be transmitted but privacy maintained. The glass is clear and tinted with a pattern which allows more or less obscuration to be impressed on both surfaces. The figures achieve soft, comfortable interior lighting. FIGURED/PATTERNED GLASS can be used where daylight is required but where vision in or out is to be limited or prevented.

Applications include Houses , Buildings , Office partitions , Interiors Doors and Windows , Kitchen Ware , Furniture , Showroom , Greenhouses, and more. FIGURED/PATTERNED GLASS can be toughened or laminated for use as safety glass in exposed positions (must indicate special product).